Lessons From Venezuela

Alejandro Toro tells the story of what is going on in his country of Venezuela from his own point of view. He tells of not having hardly any money for food. Thousands of people have been filling the streets of Venezuela to protest their government.

Venezuela suffered from rigged elections due to smartmatic voting machines which have since been exported to other countries including the United States. The Smartmatic machines are currently being investigated in the United States.

People have been so desperate for food, they have broken into zoos to eat the animals.

The socialist government of Venezuela is now making slavery the law of the land by forcing people to work on farms to alleviate the situation.

farm worker reuters

According to Amnesty International, Venezuelans have been forced to work on farms. “They will be made to work in the new companies temporarily for a minimum of 60 days after which their ‘contracts’ will be automatically renewed for an extra 60-day period or they will be allowed to go back to their original jobs.”

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