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CEO Of Inspirational Video Clips: Glen Eric Larson

Glen Eric Larson is the son of Glen A. Larson, producer of “Battlestar Galactica” “Knight Rider” and “Magnum PI”. He has worked in development for Glen A. Larson Productions and has founded Larson Lane Entertainment with a mission is to bring inspirational films to television, theaters and the web that are about exceptional people who make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. Larson Lane Entertainment can now stream classic and original films on it’s own streaming channel, Purple Gator TV.Purple Gator TV can be accessed on Roku

He hopes that Inspirational Video Clips can give people hope by showing that there are many courageous and decent people out there that can make a difference in the world.

About The Mission of Inspirational Video Clips:

Everyone needs some motivation every now and then. Finding the right inspirational videos sometimes can be like trying to find that needle in the haystack. However, we have a wonderful collection that is sure to make your day. Do you need inspiration or perhaps motivated to keep going? Many people find that when they are burnt out by life, overwhelmed by bad news they need something to give them hope and lift their spirits a bit. Our site is dedicated to those who need a pick me up or sometimes even a reason to keep living.

The old saying goes “laughter is like good medicine for the soul,” so we made sure we included lots of cute videos with children saying and doing the funniest things. Life is stressful and sometimes even tiresome, but finding inspiration in something or someone can be so beneficial. We have created a collection of music videos and flash mob that is meant to be encouraging, funny, and even moving. Seeing others who have been through a battle but have an amazing story of how they conquered their situation, can be helpful to others. Whether you are facing sickness, feeling down or just need something to make you laugh, our collection caters to all sorts of people from every walk of life. Chances are you can find inspirational videos that speak directly to you and your situation on our web-site.

Do you believe in miracles, we do? Sometimes the greatest inspiration is hearing someone else talk about their situation or how they never thought they would get through their storm. Our music videos are unique and one of a kind and meant to uplift. Where else can you find so much inspiration on one web-site? Our site is designed to allow you to see the newest and best cute videos out there and to see them first. You can select from the tabs on the top of the screen and see which videos you wish to view. If you want to see wedding videos, flash mob, or just something cute, it is all neatly categorized for you. Best of all, if you like what you see and want to share, all you have to do is click a button. Our videos can be downloaded to your social media page and shared with others. When you find something good, like military reunion videos, you just have to pass it on.

Our goal is to put a smile on your face. We know life is tough and there are days when all of us want to throw in the towel, but we have to keep going. There are not many sites out there that are dedicated to inspiration and helping those who are weathering the storm. However, we believe that we have a great site because of people like you. Our site is created for both those who want to share their stories and those who need to hear it. Do you have a story you need to share, like a military reunion? Do you know someone who needs some encouragement or needs a good laugh at some wedding videos? We are proud of the collection we have put together, may it minister to your heart and soul.

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