Are We In World War 3?

General McInerny Said we are in World War 3 which started with a Bio attack culminating in Cyber Attack. LT. General McInerny was the #3 man in the Pentagon. He said “We are in World War 3. We did not have a pandemic a year ago, we had a biological attack on the whole world. It was intentional, done by CCP. ” He went on to say “This massive biological attack is then utilized during the election, so we have fraudulently elected an unconstitutional President.” He then described how China and other nations were able to utilize a CIA program known as Operation Scorecard in cyberwarfare on the 2020 election.

According to authors of a new world War 3 novel, the next great war would be far different from the other two world wars. Novelists retired admiral James Stavridis and Elliot Ackerman wrote “2034: a novel of the Next World War.” ” They described how the use of cyber warefare, submarines and drones would make it far different than other conflicts. James Mattis said “War with China is the most dangerous scenario facing us and the world. In the book, cyber weaponry jam communications and make the US ships completely defenseless.

China has been able to fuel their giant war machine with their economy and now have the largest navy and army in the world. The United States are already shocked to find themselves losing a war simulation with China in the pacific region and may find themselves even more shocked in the future if they are not prepared.

The Chinese military have just recently deployed a nuclear sub that can launch a supersonic cruise Missile. In the movie “Hunt For Red October”, the Russians had a sub that could annihilate the United states without any warning. The chinese sub can do just that. According to Navy News “Their relatively large size may provide more space for noise reducing features. Acoustic stealth is one of the most prized attributes of modern submarines. The quietness of the design is classified information, but we can assume that they are becoming increasingly stealthy.” They can approach the coast and target major cities of the United States with nuclear missiles.

According to, “China’s new D-41 missile is said to be able to give China capability to launch missiles from North Central China and hit all targets in the Us Except Florida”.

In the book, 2034, the United States are taken off guard by the Chinese military machine. General McInerny has outlined the danger we are in. Perhaps the United States and the west can protect themselves by being alert to their vulnerabilities and protect themselves from danger.


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    We do have, however, good physical defenses against COVID-19. They are a lot more certain to give protection even than a vaccine. Far into the future, physical protection will be important to crush this bug. Herd immunity didn’t work in Sweden, and anyway, getting there will cost 100,000 lives.

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