The United States Is The Most Generous Country In The World For The Last Decade According To The World Giving Index

The United States has been a beacon of freedom throughout the world but it has also been a beacon of charity. This freedom has allowed people to give of their own free will to help those in need. While some would argue that giving is something that should be cooerced and forced by a totalitarian state, citizens of the United States have shown that they can give of their own free will. Residents of The The United States were found to be the most generous people in the world according to a survey done by a UK based charity and conducted by Gallup World Poll.

The Uk based Non profit Charities aid foundation had Gallup World Poll Survey 1.3 million people to find out who the most generous people in the world were. People were asked all over the world whether they volunteered to do charity work, donate to charity or helped a stranger that needed help. The countries that scored the lowest were China and Yemen. 2 out of 3 Americans were found to have donated to charity. It is interesting to note that the leader of the Communist world has shown to have one of the lowest generosity scores. talied the dollar amounts given by countries. According to in 2019, Charity giving by individuals in the United States was 309.66 Billion Dollars. Charity from foundations was 75.69 Billion. Bequests gave 43 Billion and corporations gave 21 Billion. tallied volunteering as well. Americans volunteered 8.8 Billion hours which had a total value of 195 Billion dollars. 77 million Americans donated their time, energy and talents in order to help others.

Citizens of the United States have shown that they can be a beacon of compassion by being a beacon of freedom. They can give without being a totalitarian state and use their freedom to choose to help others by donations or using their time or talents. While some might argue that compassion should be forced or cooerced, the citizens of one country have shown that freedom and compassion work best when people give of their own free will.

By Glen Eric Larson

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