Nasa Has Discovered An Ocean On Dwarf Planet Ceres

Nasa has found an ocean underneath the surface of Ceres which could mean there may be life on Ceres. Nasa has recently been developing submarines that could explore the oceans of our solar system and could allow scientists to discover possible life forms.

The Opheus is a submarine that Nasa has developed that could possibly be used on Titan, Enceladus, Ceres, Ganymede and many other unexplored ocean worlds in our solar system.

Scientists have speculated that Squid like creatures could exist in some of these worlds. Perhaps the life within these oceans could be intelligent. If scientists deployed these submarines within these worlds, they would then be able to know for a certainty what life forms exists.

This is an artists rendering of a submarine that could also be used for exploring oceans within our solar system.

This is the Orpheus being deployed into the ocean.

Nasa may be able to build undersea space colonies on Ceres and other worlds. Undersea colonies can be traced back to the 1960s. Perhaps Nasa could build undersea bases on these worlds where submarines could venture out and explore.

Who knows what ocean worlds may await us on Ceres or other ocean worlds within our solar system?

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