Ocean Cities Are Coming In The Future

Countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and United Arab Emirates have all explored the concept of living under the sea. People can already sleep in under sea hotels in various parts of the world. As people explore how to colonize the stars, they are also examining how to live in the sea. The ability to live under the ocean may also help us to be able to colonize planets and moons that are under the oceans. More and more companies and countries are competing to have the best plans for living under the ocean. Who will win the ocean city race is yet to be seen?

One company in Japan called Shimizu estimates they can buld an undersea city for a cost of 26 Billion Dollars off the coast of Tokyo. Over a thousand people would live inside a sphere underwater.

Samsung from South Korea has imagined their own liveable city under the ocean that would also operate inside a sphere. 

Dubai has built an Atlantis Hotel that goes underwater.

Here is an undersea resort being planned in Qatar.

This is an under sea resort being planned in Fiji.

Here is a plan for a underwater florida resort.

One Belgian architect designed oceanscrapers or buildings that people could inhabit under the ocean
Dubai is set to build an undersea hotel resort with a swiss firm.
Here is an aquatic highway as imagined by Samsung.

All around the world, ocean resorts and cities are being planned. As countries compete to build liveable cities and hotels under the ocean, they are making a future under the ocean more likely.

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