Plasma Based Treatments Are Now Getting Fast Tracked To Treat Covid 19 Patients.

New hope is on the horizon with these plasma based treatments that allow people to fight the disease with antibodies from people who have successfully beat the disease. Dr Stephen Hahn who is the administrator for the FDA said “I’ll tell you I am completely confident we will win this battle.” Dr Hahn was very hopeful about the new plasma based treatments that are being ramped up and scaled up so that people can fight the virus. The FDA is currently working with private companies to get the plasma based treatments along with other treatments out there.

Dr Hahn describes the process of taking plasma from people who have recovered and giving it to people who are sick. “So what you do is you take that, you process it and you make sure it’s what we call pathogen-free—that there’s no virus in it—and then what we do is you take that unit and give it to someone who’s sick”. The people can then fight the covid 19 virus with the same antibodies that helped other people recover. Dr Hahn went on to say “But I am certainly confident that with the measures we have in place right now we will defeat the virus.”

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