New Study Shows That Most Of Mars Water Is Stored Under The Crust Of Mars

New study shows that most of water was not lost to space which was first thought. This new study shows that most of the water has gone underground instead and is in underground lakes and oceans in the earths crust.

Eva Scheller said “Mars basically became the dry, arid planet we know today 3 billion years ago,”. Recent findings show that the water could not have all gone into outerspace due to the fact that it would have left a deuterium trail into the mars atmosphere. Nasa did computer simulations and discovered that the water moved into the interior of the planet and would have gotten lodged into the mineral crust. The new study indicates that scientists will find oceans of water in the crust based on deuterium

Four large lakes have been found on Mars just beneath the surface. Planetary scientist Elena Pettinelli at the University of Rome said “We identified the same body of water, but we also found three other bodies of water around the main one,” planetary scientist Elena Pettinelli at the University of Rome.

Now that scientists know that most of the water of Mars is within Mars itself, they can now begin to search out the water under the surface of Mars and under the Martian crust.

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