Homestead Act Applied To Outerspace

Jeff Bezos described the space colonies that people would inhabit in outer space but the question remains. Who would own the land in outer space? These future space colonies could be based on the Homestead act in which people would be allowed to own their own land.

People could compete for lands like in the Oklahoma Land Rush which would allow average people to own land similar to the Pilgrims who settled America. The Oklahoma land rush created cities made up of 10,000 people in half a day.

The original colonists were given plots of land which they could own. Land was originally collectivized which turned out to be disaster.

After the terrible disaster occurred, William Bradford and other early colonist leaders decided to allow colonists to own their own land and be rewarded for their efforts. This turned out to be a recipe for success. Many pioneers in the westward trek decided to create settlements based on collectivist principles but ended up reverting to private property. Space Pioneers would do well to study the past and create settlements based on the same principles.

Space colonists could follow Jeff Bezos model of settlement or they could terraform worlds with newly developed technologies.

If history is a guide, space colonists could find similar success to their frontier ancestors, resulting in increased prosperity and success.

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