Amazing Underground Cities

If there is a nuclear war, an asteroid or some other major event or perhaps in case you are running out of space you can build cities underground.

This amazing structure which is the opposite of a skycraper allows people to work and live underground.

This amazing underground hotel was built in Shanghai, China.
Here is an Earthscraper in London as imagined by Samsung.
Because Singapore has been running out of space, they decided to build cities underground.

This amazing network of tunnels is in Turkey and allowed ancient people to hide in them.

This abandoned mine has been coverted into an underground city.

This abandoned railways has been converted into a lush underground park. Here is an underground cave that has been found to have a jungle in Vietnam,

This underground farm exists under London and relies on Hydroponics rather than the sun.

If there is a large asteroid, nuclear war or if we just run out of space we can build underground cities that people can live in.

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