A Space Colony Is Being Planned In The Mohave Desert

Engineers and scientists at a company called Interstellar Lab are planning a space themed village to research how we can settle Mars. The design allows for glass domes to grow food and live. The village would simulate life on Mars so that settlement on Mars could be more possible.

According to a former Nasa Liaison, Greg Autry “A long-term, sustainable Mars or lunar settlement will only be practical if we do the research on Earth,” Mohave desert is the most ideal place to experiment since it is the driest desert. It would essentially function like a space station on earth.

Interstellar Lab exterior

Water, waste, food would be recycled and reused. Interstellar Labs hopes to learn from past failures in Biosphere programs in the Arizona Desert and is working with Nasa to grow crops. The colony could hold up to a 100 people. Tourists could also visit for $6,000 a week.

Interstellar Lab vegetation


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