While Some Believe That Humans Will Be Replaced By Robots, Ray Bradbury Believed Humans Can colonize The Stars

Two very different authors have a vision for what will happen to mankind. One writer named James Lovelock sees humans going extinct and the other writer named Ray Bradbury saw humans filling and colonizing the universe.

James Lovelock said “Our supremacy as the prime understanders of the cosmos is rapidly coming to end,” he says in the book, “Novacene.” “The understanders of the future will not be humans but what I choose to call ‘cyborgs’ that will have designed and built themselves.” He believes these cyborgs will modify the earth to suit them and perhaps cause our extinction. He said to NBC news that the robots may not destroy humans but just regard them the way we view plants.

Ray Bradbury had a different view of humanity and saw humanity as filling the universe and exploring the stars. Ray Bradbury believed humans have a duty to colonize throughout the universe. He told Oriana Fallaci in an interview “So let us save ourselves, let us prepare ourselves to continue life and rebuild on the planets. We shall not long be of this earth”.

Ray Bradbury wrote in his book Mars and the Mind Of Man “I would not see our candle blown out in the wind. It is a small thing this dear gift of life handed us mysteriously out of immensity. I will not let that gift expire. What’s the use of looking at mars through a telescope, sitting on panels, writing books, if its not to guarantee the survival of mankind but mankind’s surviving forever.”

Nasa may have even discovered the space ship that can make it possible. Scientists at Nasa have dreamed up a ship that operates differently than other ships. The ship allows space to bend around it, compressing space in front of the ship and expanding space behind it. Humans could then colonize other planets beyond our solar system.

While James Lovelock sees humans being overtaken by machines and possibly made extinct, Ray Bradbury saw humans filling the stars and colonizing the universe so that humans continue forever.

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