The Evolution Of Spreading Freedom

Few people know the story of Samuel Adams who began Independence from England by forming the Committee of Correspondence. He began a campaign of informing everyone he could about what England was doing to the American people and organized people against it. He created an independence movement by stitching the colonists together with messages about what was going on and how to stop the tyranny they were against. Paul Revere was a key element to getting the truth out by delivering information to the colonists.

Hong Kong has taken a page from the Americans breaking from their colonizers but have adapted to the modern technology. The Hong Kong Protesters want to have freedom just like the Americans did and break away from the Communist Chinese Tyranny. These Modern Freedom spreaders get their word out through apps that bypass the internet. The Hong Kong Protesters use peer-to-peer mesh networking apps like Bridgefy and FireChat that manage to get the word out but in encrypted in such a way that the Chinese Government can’t see what they are doing. The protesters can vote and plan their protest as well as alert each other of possible dangers.

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