Standing Up For Freedom Of Speech

The constitution gives us the right to freedom of speech. We should be able to express those ideas without fear that we will be penalized for it. America should be a place where people of every race, religion and skin color can thrive and pursue their dreams what ever they may be. We may not like the opinions coming from others but we should always be able to discuss and reason with people. This is my prayer for this country.
I recently spoke a Navajo who told me about her desire to share her culture with her family and keep all of those traditions alive. We have a country of so many people with so many rich histories and cultures that can be appreciated.

There are people who want to tear down monuments and blot out the history of the past but there is so much to learn from the past. Good and bad. I hope we don’t get to a point where we are burning books because there is some element that we don’t like. Our descendants have a right to know what we were like and what our choices were. Maybe they can make better ones.

What makes this country so special is the innovation that come from being free. In history great geniuses like Da vinci buried their inventions away in secrecy for fear of being discovered. What innovations could we be deprived of if we close the door to freedom of speech?

We can choose to stand firm for the constitutional right of freedom of speech. Let us all speak our minds without fear and pursue our dreams what ever they be.

Glen Eric Larson

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