Radio Station Plays Christmas Music To Cheer Up People During Covid Crisis.

A radio station in Fort Wayne, Indiana has a new idea to cheer up people during a terrible epidemic that is sweeping the world. The radio station known as Majic 95.1 will be3 playing Christmas music from 9PM until Midnight. It’s just a little something we wanted to do as a way to provide some relief from all of the heavy news we’re all dealing with every day,” said Capt. Chris Didier, Operations Manager for WAJI. Chris went on to say “Christmas music is like comfort food. It makes us feel better. It’s something we love,” he said. This radio station hopes that instead of images of people suffering from a virus or stores with empty shelves, they will think of the magic of Christmas.

This is coming at a time when in some parts of the country, people are putting up Christmas Lights to cheer people up.

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