One Man Finds Finds Support For Hong Kong From Mainland China

A man who goes by the name of Midway has managed to build a platform that allows people from mainland China to voice their support for Hong Kong anonymously. Midway takes the idea from legends where tree hollows were used by people to speak their secrets safely. Midway put out a a link on twitter to a google form where people can anonymously submit their support for the people of Hong Kong.

Midway said “There are a small fraction of Chinese people, mainland Chinese, who are supportive of Hong Kong but simply too afraid to speak out, and they have no channel to vent their support and to share their thoughts with others,” He also said “I have a vision. I’m trying to build a bridge between mainland Chinese and Hong Kong people,” he said. His hope is to connect the people together. He further stated ” I’m trying to build bridges between those who live behind the Great Firewall and those in the freer world”.

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