Good Samaritan Helps Neighbors Amidst Covid Crisis

Abraham Dickerson of Abe Foods has taken to the New Jersey Streets to deliver free groceries to people who have been shut in their homes due to the covid virus crisis. Abraham shows that there is good in the world. He shows that even though there may be negative forces in operation in the world, people can be a positive force for good in their communities.

ABEDICKERSON3 ESSEX MONTCLAIR 02/11/2018 Montclair chef and caterer Abraham and his daughter Alexis Dickerson, not pictured, talk about their proposal at a recent council meeting, a graphic solution for flags, murals, and other media to symbolize reconciling the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter movements. The design, a purple heart floats on a background of horizontal stripes of black, red, and blue. PHOTO BY ADAM ANIK

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