Creating New Frontiers

What happens when countries run out of land and prices get too high for average people to live. Increasingly, countries have been creating their own islands or expanding their continents through land reclamation projects. Land reclamation is the process of creating new lands from riverbeds, lake beds or even oceans. China has undertaken huge land reclamation projects along with Quatar and Dubai. Since places like Hong Kong are densely populated it has become necessary to create land where there is only ocean.

The United States could create new frontiers on their east and west coasts and perhaps create new artificial islands to create more housing and entertainment projects. People with no money could make claims on the new land in the same way pioneers claimed Oklahoma. People could race across the new lands and make claims to the new frontiers by pulling out flags. People who don’t own land could get access to new frontiers like pioneers of old.

As Americans moved westward they were able to pursue new lands that they could own and developed. New lands that can be reclaimed from the ocean could add new frontiers to modern pioneers who would seek to develop the new lands for expansion.

Reclaimed land in Macau.

Dubai artificial Island
The island of Yas in Dubai.
All kinds of rides and attractions have been placed on the artificial island of Yas In Dubai.
A Roller coaster on the Island of Yas In Dubai.
All kinds of housing and businesses can be placed on these artificial islands.
Almost this entire district of Fontvielle, Monaco was built using reclaimed land from the Mediterranean Sea.

China created an artificial island in the South China Sea.

An artificial island in the Netherlands

As people reclaim the lands from oceans, riverbeds and lakes, new pioneers can settle on the lands. People who don’t own land could get access to new frontiers and be part of the American dream just like pioneers of old. Imagine people racing for the new frontiers and being able to pull out a flag to claim their piece of the american dream. Countries could continue to to use Land reclamation to create new lands from riverbeds, lake beds and even oceans and new artificial islands.

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