Chinese Dissidents Use Shortwave Radio To Broadcast To China

While China keeps out information about their concentration camps and what’s going on in Hong Kong, some dissidents are doing all they can to broadcast what’s really going on in China via short wave radio. Sound of Hope is co-founded by Lin and Allen Zeng in 2004 in Silicon Valley in the United States.

Sound Of Hope makes sure that people in China know about the terrible atrocities going on in China and in Hong Kong as well as the desire of many chinese people to be free. All those people who are hungry for freedom have a radio station that informs them and can be a beacon of hope.

People in China Can learn all about the police brutality that is going on in Hong Kong and in China.

While much of the information in Hong Kong is not reported, Sounds Of Hope can get the word out about what is really going on in Hong Kong and on the mainland.

Sounds of Hope are able to get information out to the Chinese people and inform them of the 3 million muslims that are held in re-education camps.

While Chinese jammers managed to drown out the signal, a taiwan engineer came up with an amazing strategy. The station now uses over 100 antennas which are always moving to prevent the Chinese government from jamming them. This strategy has enabled them to reach 60% of the Chinese people.

The Sounds of Hope also reach people in China through the internet with UltraSurf and Instagram but must always try to keep up with censors from China who are trying to stop them from reaching the Chinese people.

The Sounds Of Hope do not get help from the United States government but must rely on private donations to keep going.

Lin and Allen Zing believe Sounds of Hope can be a beacon of hope all across China by reaching Chinese people who are hungry for freedom.

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