China is Recreating The World In Architecture

While The United States and the world worry that they are building and expanding too much, China does not put any limits on their growth and are recreating the world in architecture. The paris that the chinese have built has yet to fill their city with people. There is only 2,000 people in the city thus far.

The chinese now have their own Venice.

The United States is cutting back on dams and other structures while China is building as fast as they can. Some cities that the Chinese have built have yet to be filled with people.

The chinese have built artificial islands, expanding some of their coastlines.

This is the plan for an even bigger island that will house many future residents at a cost of $100 billion.

China is transforming their desert lands into farmland. They have taken land that is completely barren and made it good enough to grow crops like corn and tomatoes.

Back in the earty 20th century, the United States was doing all they could to build the tallest buildings and the most innovative structures. When the Eiffel Tower was built, the United States reacted by building the Ferris wheel. Since then the Shanghai Tower in China is now taller than any buildings in the United States.

The Chinese have managed to build their own leaning tower of Pisa.

Who needs to go to to London to see the tower Bridge when you can stay and see it in China.

There is no need to go to Greece when they have their own parthenon in China.

The Chinese have no need to go to Egypt when the Sphinx is in China.

The Chinese now have their own Roman Colloseum.

While the Western world is trying to curtail their construction and expansion, perhaps they should look at China recreating the world in their own country.

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