Alaskan Man Takes 14 Hour Journey To Deliver Groceries To His Town

The Pandemic has caused a small grocer in Gustavus, Alaska to go to great lengths to make sure his little town is supplied with food and supplies. His small town is only accessible by boat or plane so he has been taking his boat every week to Juneau, Alaska to keep people from starving. It takes 14 hours for his boat to complete the journey. His grocery store is the only place to buy groceries in his town. While it used to be that a ferry was supplying their town, it stopped going to his town due to the covid pandemic.

Toshua Parker, the small grocer said “Alaskans are fiercely independent and resourceful; you really have to be to survive here. So when a problem arises, we don’t typically look to someone else for help, we just find a way to do it.” That is exactly what Toshua did.

Toshua Parker did not think too much about what he does for the town. He said “Just another day in our world. Next year it will be another obstacle to overcome and we’ll buck up and deal with it.” He believed that the town needed groceries and he just had to do what it took to make sure the town was supplied.

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